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I have just had my first encounters with an online program called VoiceThread. (2009) I was introduced to his teachnology through our online courseware website, before that I never knew it existed. I found this program quite easyto use however, a few times a couple of the pictures uploaded blank but after a few attempts they worked. The only trouble I have is that I don't have access to any microphones, so I have used text to write comments on the pictures, therefore I couldn't really try anything different. however in previous times I have used program similiar to this before where a voice has been recorded.

I have provided you with the following link which is where all the pictures I uploaded to VoiceThread are viewable and accessible. The link is

Right at the the end of this process I had troubles are making it accessiabole and viewable for the public, but after speding a little time I managed to find this function so it is now readily avaiable for your access and comments.

The presentation I created was one of my family. To me and most other people I would think, family is a big part of everybodys lives, hence the reason for this creation.

Using this type of technology within teaching could be used in a few different ways. The most effective I do believe is possibly presenting children with a range of photos and videos which could be used to show example of different animals or whatever the topic may be that they are learning. However, if the children were to use this technology they could be completing a presentation which alternatively doesn't need any information presented jsut pictures. Instead of putting them of printing out pictures and placing them on a poster, you could connect up a projector which is then big enough for all students and audiences to view. The only way to learn how to use these programs is to practice what your doing. Therefore according to the learning pyramid there is an average retention rate of 75% by learning in this style.

How did your experiences go with the new program of VoiceThread? i'd like to know your thoughts. = )



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