Thursday, August 13, 2009

Digital Storytelling

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I thought digital storytelling would be about the use of technology within the story however, I've since learnt that it's more about the story. Students can "bring stories to life in a media rich environment." (Central Queensland University, 2009).

I thought these stories would be make-believe. Although depending on the type of digital story that is created mostly they contain elements and messages from past traditions and honours cultural aspects within our world. This relates back to the Engagement Theory where the learning is problem-based. The students relate the issue back to real-life, they create solutions to the problem and or surrounding issues and then they donate that solution back into the real world. (Kearsley & Schneiderman, 1998).

Therefore I could use digital storytelling within a unit of countries. The students could each choose a country from the list we are exploring and working together in groups of 3 could RELATE, CREATE and DONATE their problems, thoughts and solutions to these issues. This way the rest of the class would also learn something more about each of the countries. The students could research each country find an aspect or something interesting that stands out to them, that's their idea and then go from there. By doing this, it gives the students a choice but will pick something that is most likely interesting and meaningful to themselves. This could then possibly be used as Assessment tool in particular for this unit as it shows many different capabilities and skills within such as creativity, writing skills technical skills, personal development skills and speaking & visual skills.

"Digital kids need learning to be relevant, meaningful, and applicable now." (Digital Storytelling, 2009). this is said by Marco Antonio Torres and I thoroughly agree. Digital Learning provides students with all this and much more. How do you feel about Digital Storytelling?



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