Thursday, August 13, 2009


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Wow! This has been a really interesting technology to explore. Powerpoints, however using buttons that take to and from which ever slide you would like. It's quite amazing, I have never even seen this type of function used in any previous powerpoint presentations ever. This definitely took powerpoint to a whole new level, in which I now find interesting.

I have uploaded the powerpoint quiz to my mediafire. The link is as follows:
This powerpoint quiz is only very basic and not much, I had a more enjoyable time fiddling around with button function. Therefore, the questions I developed don't contain much content are questions I thought of, this way no privacy or copyright laws are breached either.

The buttons within a powerpoint presentation allow it be used and setup as an automated presentation. (Central Queensland University, 2009). I followed the steps provided by Internet4Classrooms. (2009). The steps were simple and really easy to follow, therefore when creating my powerpoint I left the basis of my original one there and adapted and adjusted those few changes that were necessary to change it into a powerpoint quiz. I had more troubles with were a few of the buttons were supposed to go when i wanted to skip a slide but then I realised you could choose the setting of custom. This setting brought all the slides and you could link to whichever slide was required.

I'd definitely be willing to try and use buttons in a vast majority of my powerpoint from now on. It makes it a little more challenging and time consuming but it enhances and enriches he powerpoint just a little bit more. This would prove to be good for children who are very fluent with powerpoint, it would be an extra activity which proves a little challenge for them. Then you could incorporate it with the quiz aspect also.



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