Wednesday, August 12, 2009

File Storage

Hi Bloggers,

I have used MediaFire as an online file storage system where I can upload my documents and presentations for you all to view. This program was very reader-friendly and its functions were easy to access. As I was not familiar with this website I used the steps provided on the CQU University moodle website. (2009). These were easy to follow, therefore I made sure I retrieved the Sharing URL which was requested and required to be placed within this blog.

The sharing URL is of the following:

The above link will take you straight to a video which I uploaded on to MediaFire. The reason I decided to choose this video was because I believed it was relevant. In our university subject ensuring student success, some of you may recall our presentation completed on the NAPLAN testing. The following video is the one in which we had technical difficulties with and therefore could not be viewed. It was an interview held with a student from Parkhurst State School.

Although the video is quite a large file, it only took a few minutes to upload to this online file storage site. it was quite amazed by this, as other websites I have tried to upload similar things to before have either said file is too large or have taken a few hours to upload.

Feel free to leave comments and feedback on your thoughts of the video, that would kindly be appreciated.



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