Thursday, August 13, 2009


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This blog discusses the use of blogs within a classroom of students, with the students centred technology use. However, due to insufficient time and resources this activity is unable to be completed with my Year one class at St Peters. There are also not enough computers to accommodate for this class of 20 students for the completion of blogs, the fact that they are Year one students also comes into this category. Previously I have undertaken little activities with a few of the students where the classroom computer is used, however I have noticed that many of the students are having trouble because they don't know how to use a computer. Hence the insufficient amount of time to try and teach all this in a short few weeks.

If I had more time and everything was set up the first reflective posting perhaps could be about How they find using a computer? This was be good for most of the students and even for those who can use a computer well would be good to get their ideas on what they think too. You need to keep in mind that while working with these young students not much typing would be completed, as thy are still learning to write. Then more series of questions would follow which gets them to reflect like what has been their favourite holiday and why? What did you do?. Following students interests is always important too as the Dimensions of Learnings (DoL) states create classroom tasks that relate to students' interests and goals. (1997, pg 32). Therefore, it would be important to ask children questions that were related around their interests', which would show more engagement in the activity. I guess this could be set up similar to diary entry writing or journal writing for this younger age group.

I would also be sure to hold a discussion with the children about copyright. However, keeping in mind the age group is young so this couldn't be a complex talk of any kind. Mentioning on websites they have the little c down the bottom the copyright symbol. Therefore students would have an activity where they would have to go away and find a website and get some pictures and information off that is a copyright website. This would show their understanding level at this age of public domain and copyright laws. They would also learn about copyright by competing this activity as the average retention rate is 75% by learning by doing. (Active Learning Online, 2000).

I would like to know what kinds of activities you would do with your class in a Blog, for some possible ideas.



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