Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hi Bloggers,

I have already explored the wonderful website of Flickr during this university course which I wrote a blog about earlier. I absolutely loved the use of this program and for free of charge - it couldn't get any better.

Due to insufficient time and availability of resources such as computer access this activity can't be completed with my year one class group. However if so the students would set up and create their own personal accounts as instructed on moodle website. (Central Queensland University, 2009). Following through with the previous theme or unit used which is countries, students would have to find and locate famous landmarks pictured on Flickr and upload them to their account/blog. They would then have to explain why they chose this picture and why? Also an explanation on what the iconic landmark or place is and where it is situated. This sort of research could be completed through use of atlases or online search engines or any other possible resources.

I believe this would be a good activity as it would fit within the unit. Yet they are still learning the skills or searching for other pictures, setting up accounts, uploading pictures off a digital camera and providing explanations whilst also using technology sources that have been integrated within. However, at the same time would be extremely challenging for quite a few of the children, as this would be new to all of them, especially setting up their own account. Therefore, it would have to be very teacher guided and teacher direct at the beginning especially whilst setting up. Then throughout teh activity you would provide the students with more opportunity to complete activities by themselves as the learn by doing which has a 75% retention rate. (Active Learning Online, 2000).


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  1. I have to agree with your comment that some students may find the task challenging, however, I think they would be motivated to overcome their challenge as Flickr is so engaging! Maybe use could complete the setting up an account as a group, with you modelling to them how to do it.

    Cheers :)

  2. That would be a good idea and also incorporating the use of collaborative learning and group work. Then there other activities you could associate with this too. Hmm I really like your idea, and yes I thought it would challenge and push their limits to outside boundaries.