Thursday, August 13, 2009


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Due to insufficient time the quizzes activity could not be completed with a class group. However I will provide an overview of what would occur within the classroom.

I firstly would probably choose the option of classmarker for making quizzes as I have used this before and could help the students with those who are having problems with setting up the quiz. Firstly, I would let the students make a quiz about themselves first, jsut something small yet gives them the knowledge and skills to be able to use the online quiz program. Then the students would be broken up into groups for the teamwork.

I most likely would use the curriculum area of SOSE - Study of Society and Environment. This way the study of the countries and multi-culturalism could continue. Each group would be given a country and the students would have to go away and complete their research, write questions and make the quiz. It would then be judged for the competition. However, to make more use of the quizzes I would get each group to complete the other groups quizzes as it would test them on what they know. This would then use the Dimension two methology of model,shape and internalise from the book of Dimensions of Learning. The students would be going away completing research and then writing questions which would model the process. The shaping would be what the students know from their results on a quiz. They could then internalise by going over the answers in which they received incorrect and studying them by researching and writing a few sentences on each. Then the quiz could be re-completed to see if all information had been stored and internalised.

The advantage of setting a task like this is that students will need to conduct research on the desired area and learn the content to be able to write effective questions. (Central Queensland University, 2009). This also demonstrates an alternative view of model, shape and internalise. The model by completing research, they are shaping by learning the content and are internalising by writing questions which display their knowledge. This is more of an individual way of completing the process.


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