Thursday, July 30, 2009


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Before now, I never really thought of YouTube as a website for educational purposes, but on many occasions have used it for my own benefit of entertainment. However, for the use of incorporating ICTs into a lesson, I think some YouTube clips and especially TeacherTube clips would work and fit into the lesson perfectly. Although it's important that the content is appropriate for the lesson.

The following clip I have decided to utilise is a shape song. I have never used it before I only stumbled across it in my searches for a video. The url is as follows:

Concept/Topic: Shapes
Grade: 1
Time Frame/Unit Length: 7 lessons
CLO: Space. Shape and line S1.1 – Students identify everyday shapes and objects using geometric names and make and describe simple representations of them.(Queensland Studies Authority, 2004).
Relevant Essential Learnings by the end of grade 3: Space - Geometric names and properties are used to sort, describe and construct common 2D shapes, including squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles and 3D objects, including prisms, pyramids, cones, cylinders and spheres. (Queensland Studies Authority, 2007).

This video clip could be utilised in a starting lesson on space to engage the children within the lesson and give them ideas of what they will be learning. I think this video was could as it was eye-catching and colourful, which would capture those visual learners. The song tune was also rather catchy, this could be used at the start of each lesson within this unit, to possibly get the students' into mathematic mode and the thinking.

YouTube is definitely a sustainable website as it has relevant links, however teachers should make sure that the content is suitable for the students to utilise and work with. YouTube could be used in the classroom for when children are creating powerpoint presentations. They may find a clip that is suitable to their relevant topic such as children in Ethiopia.



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