Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Voki Avatars

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Recently I had encounters with Voki Avatars through the use of our course website for Managing E-Learning. Since then i have set up my own Voki Avatar which would be used to introduce a segment (Central Queensland University, 2009).

I have found the idea of the Voki Avatars really quite interesting and believe they are a good interactive tool for younger children especially. This so far would be my favourite technology tool in which I have learnt about throughout this course.

I have set up my Voki Avatar as a lady character who travels around the world. The purposes for which I have set up this character is for a unit of Travelling around the world with a young learning group such as any of the early years of primary schooling. This could be an interesting unit to teach possibly when the Olympics roll around every four years. The sole purpose for this avatar would be for the character goes to each place with the children. An interactive tool which can be communicated with, like the avatar could introduce each country with some handy information. However, it could be taken further with the teacher writing letters from the character about the country they are currently in or the next country that they are to visit on the itinerary. I believe this would work effectively and it would keep the students interest levels high through anticipation of a new letter or message from another country by the avatar.

Voki Avatars are really quite simple to create and are user friendly. I have provided the link below which shows my Voki Avatar and how to create your own.
Get a Voki now!



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