Wednesday, July 22, 2009


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The whole subject of WIKIs is new to me. I have previously encountered experiences with Wikipedia - the largest online encyclopedia and that is all (Central Queensland University, 2009). I thought that is what a WIKI was. However, since watching the video called Wikis in Plain English, I have realised that there is a whole new added dimension level to a WIKI. I thought this would be a difficult tool to utilise as it was a whole new concept to me, although from the simple camping inventory list created on the youtube video it appears to be very simple.

This could be a highly effective tool to use in the classroom in a variety of different ways. One activity that could be completed with the older students is an analysis of the actual WIKI system itself. A PMI (Plus. Minus and Interesting) Chart could be completed on a WIKI page itself, where all students provide their input on the system while also demonstrating the use of ICTs (technology) and digital literacy. A PMI is a method for stimulating lateral and creative thinking, it's also a useful way of recognising the value of an idea, rather than being influenced by the emotions that surround it. (New South Wales Government, Year Unknown). Clearly this would be an effective activity for the students to do as it would be evaluating the idea of a Wiki and to see whether the students think it's worthwhile to utilise.



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