Thursday, July 30, 2009


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The following is a picture I found on the online program called Flickr.

Tiny Cute Horses!
I believe William Nicholson is the person who took this photo in 2007 of these two horses. It's a beautiful and cute photo hence why I decided to choose this one to post as someone else's picture.

The folowing is one of my pictures that I imported on to Flickr.

This was taken in November 2007 on the evening of my formal.

The pictures from above have been taken from an online prgoram called Flickr. Flickr is an online repository for images, (Central Queensland university, 2009). therefore basically anybody can set up a free account and place their images on this site for other people to view.

I have used a program similar to Flickr once before it was called PhotoBucket. They are the same thing basically an on-line storage place where other people can view photos and make comments. What I didn't realise is that Flickr allows you to edit pictures by cropping and using other various tools in conjunction with picnik (editing mode).

I think this a rather ingenious and marvellous tool. It could work really well in a school classroom. This might be a could web tool for finding certain pictures for presentations, that may be completed within the classroom. The children could also learn how to edit photos. By having Flickr each child can add other classroom friends and they can view each others pictures maybe from certain holidays they go on. They could import these pictures at any time especially at home and then bring them to school and possibly make a slideshare view with them. Another flipside is that parents can also view these accounts and observe the pictures.

The only thing would be that parents and teachers would have to monitor what students' are searching as there are some photos that may be deemed inappropriate for students' of a primary school age. However, this isn't a problem as monitoring is not an issue. This is an activity they would learn from by doing which has a retention rate of 75% on the learning pyramid, therefore this would be a good experience for the students. (Active Learning online, 2000).

In my opinion, I think this is a great tool, however I am not entirely sure how effective it would be within a classroom. What are your thoughts?



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