Thursday, July 23, 2009


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I have created many powerpoint presentations over the last few years, however I self taught myself how to utilise the program as I was never taught at school. Therefore, I basically just fiddled around with all the functions, which enabled me to work out how to use the features on powerpoint. At first, I had troubles trying to use it but after playing around for a while, I learnt that it was easy to operate and quite simple (Central Queensland University, 2009). However, since completing the reading I have soon learnt that PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation software in the world (Central Queensland University, 2009). I had never really thought about it in that aspect before but reflecting upon how useful and often I have seen powerpoint utilised, I couldn't disagreement with the statement and don't doubt it at all.

By undertaking the tutorial provided from the course website, I was able to learn many new things, in which I had never knew could be done before.

By using powerepoint for presentations everybody can enjoy them and learn from them in some way. All the functions allow catering for all types of learners. Firstly, it can be visual with the writing videos and pictures and whatever else may be included such as transitions. Secondly, students who learn from the spoken language and listening will be able to engage whether there are voice overs or the presentation is spoken, sound effects may even be added for enhancement. Sound Effects would even be good for all students especially learners who have difficulties in paying attention, certain things that are eye-catching or loud will refocus their attention. These would clearly be affective for learners who are hard on hearing or seeing as mentioned above through words and pictures or sounds and slides.

This could be an interesting way for children to pr sent informational reports, as it is a different way which could then include pictures and videos. It could possibly also be a supplementary tool used to accompany an oral presentation.

Either way, I personally believe that powerpoint is a necessity and that everybody should know the basic features of how to use the program.



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